Brewed for beer lovers

Crafted without alcohol, so you can celebrate today and be ready for tomorrow.

The Athletic Difference

Using an innovative, proprietary method of brewing beer without alcohol, we’ve created a lineup of alcohol-free craft beers that don’t compromise on taste.

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“We looked at the way alcohol-free beer was being brewed and turned it on its head.”

Unlimited Possibilities

Because our process doesn’t adhere to the traditional guardrails of brewing alcohol-free beer, we’ve been able to go far beyond creating the common lager. Like any good craft brewery, we are continuously brewing a range of styles from alcohol-free goldens and IPAs to darks and sours.

Awards across the board

It’s not just great alcohol-free beer, it’s great beer – period. That's why Athletic has been winning awards over beers with alcohol.

Run Wild

Gold Winner

2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Silver Winner

2020 International Beer Challenge

Bronze Winner

2021 International Beer Challenge

Upside Dawn

Silver Winner

2018 & 2019 International Beer Competition

Silver Winner

2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards

USA's Best Gluten Reduced

2021 World Beer Awards

Gold Winner

2021 International Beer Challenge

Crafted on two coasts

We’re the only alcohol-free brewery in the world that owns and operates its own fully-dedicated facilities—and we’ve got more than one. Our state-of-the-art bicoastal breweries are in our home state of Connecticut and sunny southern California.


350 Long Beach Blvd
Stratford, CT 06615

San diego

7606 Trade St
San Diego, CA 92121

Coming soon

New brewery coming soon

After completing expansion on our West Coast brewery in 2021 (taking it to 80k square feet and 200k barrel capacity), we are almost done with our east coast facility in Milford, CT! What does this mean for our community? We will be able to more consistently stock the shelves on our website and our retail partners nationwide - and we'll finally be able to add many more stores close to home.

brew without compromise

Better ingredients. Better brews.

In brewing, and in life, we know that what you put in is what you get out. So we use only the best ingredients to craft our award-winning brews.

Local Flavors

Whenever possible, we source local, all-natural ingredients.

Organic Malts

These enhance the character and flavor of most of our brews.

Seasonal ingredients

Used fresh and for a limited time, for peak flavor.

Every style under the sun

We brew all the quintessential craft beer styles, and then some. Our essential Athletic brews - Run Wild, Upside Dawn, and Free Wave - are available year round, but we also craft seasonal releases, pilot (or test) styles, and collaboration brews that highlight ingredients or flavors from some of our favorite partners.

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Our brews are proof that well-crafted alcohol-free beer can have as much flavor and provide as much enjoyment as the best alcoholic craft beers in the world. Then again, there’s really only one way for you to find out.